Kathy Huse

Kathy was a Teacher of education for 28 years and retired in 2014. She taught art and 2nd grade. She is married to Kevin and together they work in the shop, Kathy with her ceramics and Kevin with his metal. Kathy has been working with clay for seven years. She also loves to watercolor and work with floral arrangements. She is an avid gardener and all around yard beautification. She received her education from the University of Missouri in Columbia with a BS in art education and later she returned to gain a degree in K-5 plus preschool education.

As a child I have always enjoyed arts and crafts…I took every art class I could in High School and then when I entered college I choose to get a degree: BS in art education. I have been blessed to be an art teacher for most of my 29 years of teaching. I have always enjoyed children and am amazed at how they experience art.

I also worked summer camps as the art specialist and creative consulate for staff members. One thing that parents loved to do was bring me their cast offs and see what I might imagine using them to create something new. I raised my children to also love art. Now I have grandchildren and they also love making art with me. Calli, has taken a special love in making clay. When she visits the first thing I hear is can we work on the wheel. Aside from working in ceramics I have also used the media watercolor. It is a free media that is relaxing for me. When we travel I enjoy water coloring nature. My husband is also and artist in metals and blacksmithing. What a joy to have a partner that loves the arts along with me.

She is a member of the Center Baptist Church and has a strong love for the Lord Jesus. She says “I tend to be a quiet person that enjoys staying home and working in the yard, garden and making ceramics”. Her and her husband enjoy camping and spend close to 4 months of the year camping. “While I bring my clay along, Kevin brings his forge and does blacksmithing. That tends to bring a crowd of visitors to our campsite.”

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