Matthew Stahl

Painter. Born in Quincy, IL on November 28, 1981. Stahl creates paintings that build on interest in landscapes and his experiences. His paintings are influenced by landscapes of the Midwest and he attributes influences from other artists' struggles and accomplishments. Stahl started painting with oils in high school under instructor David R. Maas.
In 2000, Stahl continued to study art and painting at John Wood Community College. He expanded his knowledge in art history, watercolors and acrylics. Stahl obtained an Associate in Science degree, balancing his education between the arts and sciences.
In 2002, Stahl continued his education at Western Illinois University where he obtained a Bachelor in Arts with an emphasis in Painting and a minor in Mathematics. Stahl continued to study art history and experimented with different painting styles. One semester, he painted a series of landscapes by applying acrylic directly from the tube to the canvas and manipulating it with brushes.
In 2004, Stahl moved back home where he continued to paint in his "studio bedroom." Shortly thereafter, Stahl began working as a graphic artist for Printex Inc., a screen-printing and embroidery company based in Hannibal, MO. He is currently the Art Director at Printex and continues to design and layout images for tee-shirts.
In the winter of 2006, Stahl began working on another series of landscapes where he applied oil paint directly from the tube to the canvas. In many of the paintings in this series, Stahl let the white of the canvas show and become part of the painting.
Many times, viewers ask Stahl what his paintings represent, or voice their opinion, then ask if they are correct. Stahl gets satisfaction from one's reaction to his paintings. He prefers the viewer to tell him what they see, not for him to tell the viewer what they should see. This is one of the reasons Stahl prefers to leave some paintings untitled; he allows the viewer / buyer to title them if they wish. He would like for the viewer to experience a landscape presence.
Stahl gets inspiration from unused canvas and paint. Furthermore, he gets inspiration from other artists and their life history. In the spring of 2008, Stahl began working on paintings that have thick layers of paint that build up the shapes and colors of the painting. Stahl believes this adds history to the painting, and adds interest as well as character.
Stahl has exhibited in galleries and juried exhibitions in the Midwest and has paintings in private collections.

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